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Chopping/crackling sound in Sam & Max
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Chopping/crackling sound in Sam & Max 

Ok, I have been out of the ScummVM loop for the past few months and as such I only got version 1.0 of the DS port today. When I started up Sam & Max (CD talkie version) I noticed that at the Lucas Arts logo, the sound is choppy and lags/repeats. Also, I noticed that the music in the game crackles a little.

I don't recall if this issue was present with the previous version of ScummVM DS I was using or not. But any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: It seems that the slight intermittent crackle in the music is present when I play it on my PC aswell. In both cases, its a very small problem. Therefore, the only DS-specific problem is the choppy/laggy music at the Lucas Arts logo which, upon reflection, is hardly a problem at all.

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Post Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:20 pm 
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