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SDL on PocketPC
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SDL on PocketPC 

Sorry, I don't know where the appropriate place to ask this...

I am trying to use SDL on my PoocketPC (Gigabyte MW700 + Windows Mobile 6.1).

I downloaded the following files and built the libSDL.a.
(Actually, this is not matter to build the libSDL.a myself or get it from wince-gcc-libs.tar.bz2 - the problem's occurred anyway)


Then I compiled testsprite.c from SDL test folder:
arm-mingw32ce-gcc testsprite.c -lSDL

Used screen parameters are:
width = 240;
height = 320;
video_bpp = 16;

The testsprite works fine until something else tries to draw on the screen (e.g. incoming call or SMS). In this case SDL_Flip and SDL_UpdateRects crash the application.

What can be wrong?


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Post Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:24 pm 
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