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Dell Axim x51v wireless connectivity failed
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Dell Axim x51v wireless connectivity failed 

Hello Friends,
I have a Dell Axim X51v PDA that comes with Windows Mobile 5.0 installed. I am facing problem with network connectivity.

In short Description:

I am having my own developed Client/Server architecture .net Compaq framework application, its works fine in proper network connectivity on my Axim X51v.

Problem arrives when my device moved out the network (about 100mt) & device gets auto power off.
Now power on my device will show me no network connection. Now, even if come back to my network still device is failed to get connected with network. I tried a lot but, canít found cause of network failure.

In Brief Description:
This is the test steps:
1. I run my application on Axim X51v device. [Device is connected to my Access point/Network]
2. As usual I use apartment elevator to go down stairs [about 100mts]
3. As per power settings of PDA device, after 1 minute it turns off.
4. Now at ground floor [about 100mt from access point] there is no network, and I turn my device on.
5. In no network area it shows icon at place of network tower icon.
6. the image simply mean no network is available and device is not connected.
7. Now I come back to my office where access point is located.
8. Still my PDA device show me icon. Mean still it couldnít find any network.
9. [A] To get back in network I have to click on soft Reset button, other than this no settings or options work to connect back to network.
10. [B] Other than 9[A], if I wait for more than 15minutes with no network condition. Device get connected to network by using Network Adapter/Card and it shows icon in place of .

My Axim X51v is running on battery power at most of time.

I am very thanks full if you can help me to find solution or any utility that can make re-connectivity. Itís good if any open source concept is there, which I can implement in my application.

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Post Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:46 pm 
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While I sympathize with you:

a) Forum Rule #3
b) No idea
c) Seems like a power saving thing
d) Google is your friend (example)

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Post Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:52 pm 
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How does this come about? Could it be that people look on PDA bugs & problems as 'scumm' and perhaps this forum is for Scumm Vacate Methods? Very Happy

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Post Wed Oct 11, 2006 5:38 pm 
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